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Mainframe Web Enablement
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Virtel Web Access

Thin-client browser-based 3270 terminal emulation

Virtel Web Integration

Create interactive bidirectional connections that integrate host and web applications

Virtel Web Modernization

Serve host transactions as user-friendly web pages (GUIs) that create a genuine web experience

Virtel Transaction Gateway

High-performance RESTful (HTTP and JSON) connector between CICS transactions and the web

IMS Extender

Simpler calls to web services from IMS applications

Case Study

Find Case Studies and information about successful projects


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About us

For more than 30 years Intercom Computer Systems has been the place for computer users to turn for peripherals, storage systems, PC-Host connectivity and networking. The German organization was establishied in 1975 bit has its own branch in the USA and works with distributors in many European countries and overseas. 

Intercom Computer Systems is prudent to offer you complete solutions for your problems. We are making sure to connect our solution to your existing IT-environment seamless and you get assistance, from the consulting via implementation till the support.

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